How to Find a Good Divorce Lawyer - Five Practical Tips

After years of marriage, you want to divorce or to break up with your spouse. There are, however, some things you should know in order to avoid or minimize the complications involved in divorce. Here are five practical tips on how to find a good divorce lawyer.
Tip #1
When searching for the right divorce attorney, it is extremely important to know that a good divorce lawyer is not necessarily the right attorney for you. Every case is different. What matters the most is to choose an attorney experienced in handling divorce cases. Also, opt for a divorce lawyer who has the ability to communicate effectively with you.

Tip #2
A good divorce lawyer should inform you about your rights, to see if divorce is the best solution. Consult a lawyer recommended by a family member or friend who has recently divorced. However, do not rely too much on this, because you might have different needs and expectations.
Tip #3
Make a list of divorce attorneys in your area and contact at least three different lawyers. This will enable you to choose the attorney that you feel the most comfortable with. Ask a friend to attend the first meeting with your lawyer. It is good to take into account an impartial opinion about the competence of the lawyer.
Tip #4
Make sure your lawyer has taken continuing legal education courses in divorce law. The attorney you choose should be prepared to work your case in the style you expect. Ask him about the divorce laws of your state, property settlement, child custody and any other facts you are interested in.
Tip #5
Find a lawyer you like as a person. Do not just pick the first one you come to. Ask about the costs involved before you sign up to their legal services. Estimate the total bill based on your lawyer's rate to get an idea of what you are in for.

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