5 Questions To Ask A Child Custody Lawyer

No lawyer is perfect. A single lawyer, though, may be perfect for your needs. If you want to find that lawyer, you need to know the right questions to ask. The five below you should tell you everything that you need to know about any child custody attorney.
Do You Have Children?
This is a very personal question, and one that many may not answer. Finding out if your lawyer has children may help you to figure out how he or she will handle a custody case. Those with children tend to keep the child's best interest in mind, something that you should keep in mind. If you want someone that is only concerned about the win, though, you might want to find a lawyer who does not have children.
How Long Have You Been Doing This?
Experience is quite important in the law. Those who have been practicing for quite some time not only stay in practice, but they also make connections. They might know more professionals who can help you, and they might know how to make sure that you get through your case more easily. If you are able to find out how long your lawyer has been working, you can find out how likely he or she will be to help you to get through your case.

How Much Do You Charge?
It is always a great idea to find out how much a lawyer charges. It is more important, though, to figure out if your lawyer is actually competent to price your case. A bad lawyer will offer a flat fee for a custody case, often asking for more money after a certain amount of time. A good lawyer, though, will give you the price of his or her retainer and let you know what the per-hour rate might include in the future.
Do You Handle Many Custody Cases?
Even if your lawyer has worked in the field for many years, he or she may not have focused on custody very often. If he or she tends to mostly handle divorces for those without children, for example, he or she might simply have not handled custody cases in the recent past. If you are unable to find out how often he or she has handled custody cases in the past, you might want to walk away from that lawyer.
What is the Child's Role?
This is an absolutely vital question, especially if you care about the welfare of your children. A great attorney will help you to find the right way to involve your children, whether it is through actual testimony or through working with a social worker. You have to remember that your children need to be involved in this process, especially if the custody battle is for a good reason. It is also important to make sure that you work with an attorney who will make sure your children are protected during this process - avoid anyone who will use your children as a pawn in the court.


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